Welcome to Recreation By Designs information hub, below you will find links to information regarding your RBD Unit as well as some helpful downloads. Should you still have questions that are not covered in this F.A.Q or by the downloads then feel free to contact us with the form in the "Contact Support" tab page.


  • RBD Owners Manual (PDF)
  • RBD Owners Manual (High Quality .pdf 1.9 MB)

  • Links:

  • Dometic Products - Support Page
  • Lippert Components Products - Support Page

  • F.A.Q:

    My LP system is no longer working after a tank change
    My LP Regulator Froze

    Q. My LP system is no longer working after a tank change
    A. You must run gas appliances several times after changing LP tanks in order to purge the air from the gas lines.

    Q. My LP regulator froze
    A. If a regulator freeze up occurs, shut off the LP gas at the tank. A frozen regulator may permit LP gas to flow at a higher pressure, resulting in leaks at appliances or in the lines. DO NOT attempt to use an open flame to unfreeze the regulator, a small light bulb can some times be used to thaw the regulator faster.

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